10 Astonishing Images of a Bridge in Vietnam designed with two Gigantic Hands

Photo Credit: Smashpop

1. The Golden Bridge; its amazing design can take your breath away.

2. A close-distance picture of the giant hand of the bridge. You can only imagine the brilliant idea behind this amazing place.

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3. Another picture of the Golden Bridge with a little taste of nature around it. It also shows the structure under the bridge.

4. A perfect aerial shot of the Golden Bridge. It is a piece of art if you’ll ask. Everything in this picture is lovely; from the mountains, the bright light of the sun, the birds, all of it is very outstanding to see.

Photo Credit: Smashpop

5. A picture that shows the surrounding countryside of the bridge; you can’t stop looking at it.

Photo Credit: Liynni_jenny

6. A picture of the bridge again, now showing the gold-colored pathway of the people. You can also a smooth road beside it which makes this place more exciting to visit.

7. An image is showing a near shot of the hands of the bridge. This picture’s beauty can want anyone to go here!

Photo Credit: Reviewdanang

8. A majestic shot of the bridge eyeing the sky. There are just no words to describe how beautiful this place is to me.

Photo Credit: Psyajh1004

9. Another great shot of the Golden Bridge; we can’t get enough of it.

Photo Credit: _catricorn_

10. A very close look at how the bridge looks like if you’ll be walking on it. Are you interested in now?

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