10 Guys Sharing How They Confessed That They are Gay

Photo Credit: OkayChae_
Photo Credit: RothwellToby

This guy was being called gay in school; he didn’t know what it meant so he just went with it. Hilarious!

Photo Credit: Philmews

This guy realized he doesn’t look good so he just decided to be gay; it’s a courageous decision, to be honest.

Photo Credit: OkayChae_

This guy is a big fan of Sailor Moon, so he decided to be her. You can’t blame him for this decision.

#4 Davey Gravey

Photo Credit: jerseyh0mo

This guy confirmed that he was gay when he picked a rainbow box at a hospital. It’s a pretty funny set event to happen.

#5 Dr. Thomas J. West III

Photo Credit: TJWest3

This guy watched “The Golden Girls”; after watching it, he was sure that he was not straight.

#6 Enchanted Hounds

Photo Credit: Baulked1

This guy was a victim of bullying; he decided that he wanted to be bullied every time. He made it an inspiration to know himself fully.

#7 Painfully Thick

Photo Credit: Zeilreigan

This guy also saw other gay bullied; he then decided that he wants to be like them. It’s funny but also a little weird.

#8 Mike Wilkinson

Photo Credit: Mikemk

This guy hilariously tweeted that he can’t spell straight, you know what happens next. It’s hilarious to think!

#9 Andy’s addiction

Photo Credit: AndrewSylvesr

This guy is unbelievable. He enjoyed sex with a man; he then decided to be gay. I’m speechless.

#10 Tim

Photo Credit: 0blongBeard

This guy wants to be different, so he did. It’s one of the bravest moves by any men in the world.

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