10 Individuals with One of a Kind Genetic Make-Up

If you think superheroes are just exclusively for the comics, then think again. Listed below are very unique individuals with extraordinary genetic make-up that surely separates them from the rest of the crowd. It is true that everyone is different but this set of people is beyond like anyone else on this planet. We are indeed unique from one another but these guys are just more extraordinary.  Scroll down below and be marveled by the uniqueness of these following 10 individuals:

1. Dual-Colored Iris

Photo Credit: anpeneMatt

At first glance, you would think that this is just another intricately designed contact lenses. You are wrong. This person has the condition called “heterochromia iridis”; it is a genetic variation that manifests in multicolored eyes just like the one you are seeing now. It is caused by an excess or lack of melanin resulting from genetics, disease, or an injury. The perfect split that you see in the image above is called “sectoral heterochromia” and occurs when there are two dueling colors on just one iris.

2. Born With A Scarred Eye

Photo Credit: Spikenws

This is not an edited photo. This person has indeed a scar on his eye from when he was born. “Macular Pucker” is a scar tissue that formed in an individual’s eye macula which is located in the retina. This part of our eyes is what gives us the eye sharp vision, so this medical condition may bring blurred and distorted vision. Macular Puckers occur when the vitreous of the eye, the gel like substance inside it, pulls away from the retina.

3. Symmetrical Hair Whorls That Goes In Different Direction, Easy Mohawk

Photo Credit: Spikenws

It looks cool and all but replicating it will be a very tough challenge for your barber. A patch of hair that grows in a circular clockwise or counterclockwise direction is called a hair whorl. This abnormality in our hairs are being studied by behaviorists to see if there is a genetic link between handedness and whirl direction, but sadly, nothing has been concluded yet as of today.

4. The Ability to Grab Things Backwards

Photo Credit: Dubdrone

This condition is what we call hyper mobility or often referred to as being “double-jointed”. People with this condition can move their joints beyond its normal range just like what you see in the picture above. This is most common among children and usually decreases as we age. There are different causes of hyper mobility; this includes altered bone shapes, muscle tone or stiffness, and stretched ligaments.

5. Black Streak on a Perfect Blonde Hair

Photo Credit: smsikking

This bizarre condition where a perfect blonde hair has a streak of very dark color due to the increase of melanin doesn’t even have a name yet. But some people are calling it a birthmark and others are saying that it’s just a discoloration in our hair and will eventually even out. Meanwhile, when your hair is dark then you have a blonde or white streak that is what we call poliosis which is caused by the decrease of melanin.

6. Natural Elf Ears

Photo Credit: animaorion

This is ear deformity that results in a pointy, elf-like ear shape is called “Stahl’s Ear”. This abnormality is the result of a misshapen cartilage and when found in the first weeks of an infant’s life; ear molding is a viable treatment if you don’t want your child to resemble like an elf.

7. The Little Finger Is the Biggest Finger

Photo Credit: SurvivalFish

The supposed smallest finger just became the largest one. This caused by a rare condition called “Macrodactyly” which causes an individual to have one or more fingers or toes that are much larger than the others. The exact cause might still be unknown but some firmly believe that it comes from an abnormal nerve or blood supply, making the finger or toe larger than it should be.

8. Five Fingers but No Thumb

Photo Credit: SurvivalFish

The person in the photo above may have all five fingers there but the presence of a thumb is unusually missing. This malformation is referred to as “Triphalangeal Thumb “where the thumb has three phalanges instead of two. It can be treated with reconstructive surgery though, to make it work just like a normal thumb. Approximately 1 in every 25,000 children is born with this condition.

9. Four Fingers and the Thumb Is an Index Finger

Photo Credit: evan4765

“Symbrachydactyly” is a condition where babies are born with an underdeveloped hand which causes them to have small, or in the case of the person below, missing fingers. Hand malformations like these might look a bit freaky but they are often treated with orthotics, prosthetics, physical therapy, or in some cases surgery.

10. Two Thumbs but One Is Joint less

Photo Credit: Breapop

“Trigger Finger” is a condition that is found in one or more tendons of the hand. Just like the picture above shows, the other thumb looks unable to bend. The tendon that allows the thumb to flex is too swollen and locks. Eventually the thumb completely locks and is unable to bend at all. This condition is present in 3.3 per 1000 live births.

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