10 Most Outrageous Gags People Pulled Off On April fool’s Day

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April fool’s day is one of those days wherein you either get a gag-buddy or a person who will hate you for life. Jokes and gags can range from simple “got you!” jokes to outrageous “TP Houses”. However, these gags are often done by people nowadays. But some, do take it seriously and take the whole “April fool’s Joke” to another level.

Here is a list of some gags that people have pulled off on April fool’s day. You may find a good idea for pranking your friend, family and colleagues. Be the next top prankster!

1. We all know some things are voice activated today, even cars. But a hand dryer? Seriously?

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2. Presents! Nothing beats the feeling of opening a… Wait? WHAT!

Photo Credit: © Carley536 / reddit

3. Let’s TP their house! Wait, I got a better Idea!

Photo Credit: © pacificus / imgur

4. What is a better way to prank your soon-to-be office mate? Make him use this!

Photo Credit: © rsayers / reddit

5. Careful! The pool is wet! Like, duh?!

Photo Credit: © JIb / pikabu

6. Nothing beats the classic donut prank! But this is just too cruel!

Photo Credit: © lufcdannyboy / twitter

7. They say laughter is the best medicine, let us see if they laugh after this.

Photo Credit: © Snake1911 / pikabu

8. Ever got that feeling that you have the urge to just draw. Might as well bring the pillows to the couch.

Photo Credit: © DocCaliban / imgur

9. Things can get creative when the boss isn’t around. Quick! Get the balloons!

Photo Credit: © bluehusky / imgur

10. “Here’s Johnny!” or any other picture that might scare the living life out of anyone.

Photo Credit: © cardboardgeorgie / imgur

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