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10 Of the Most Epic 3d Tattoos We Can Find Online

Photo Credit: benthomasart

We know that this isn’t the first time an article would be covering this topic, but we couldn’t resist it! And I assure you, this would not be the last as well. These 3d tattoos are just too awesome to look at for us to not feature. As long as art continues to evolve, so will our appreciation towards it.

Popularized by Jesse Rix and Winston the Whale, these 3d tattoos will not just drop your jaws to the floor; it will make you look twice, even thrice, because of their realism. All of them are quite astonishing at their right. Some seem so real while some will play with your minds with their optical illusions that seemingly contort the body of the actual person who has it, suspending your beliefs.

Maybe you want this kind of art piece on your body as well? Then take a look at the 10 of the most epic 3d tattoos that we can currently find in the web. Scroll down and check them for yourself. Astound yourself to the beauty or maybe find inspiration to get one for yourself.

#1 Small and Simple But Deeply Fascinating

Photo Credit: tattoo.joan

#2 Awesome Popping-Off Cat Tattoo

Photo Credit: amazingmicrotattoos

#3 The Girl Inside

Photo Credit: benthomasart

#4 Diver Sleeve

Photo Credit: tattoo_master_supply

#5 Shattered Glass On Your Back

Photo Credit: nicomariani_tattoo

#6 This Optical Illusion On Your Nape Is Just Perfect

Photo Credit: moroztattoo

#7 A Black Hole On Your Arm, And Its Awesome

Photo Credit: gunnarfoley

#8 Spiderman Underneath

Photo Credit: Are-Ob1

#9 A Permanent Rose You Can Constantly Give

Photo Credit: adriancier

#10 This Chest Tattoo is so Freaking Cool

Photo Credit: jesse_rix

They are astonishingly awesome, right? Maybe you have your own 3d tattoo, Share it to us!

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