10 People Who Unexpectedly Got Lucky From Their Purchase

Photo Credit: Bribear4

1. The Best $1.99 Purchase

Photo Credit: Jennabunnykins

This man bought a book titled “The Shining” which was written by Stephen King. Who would have thought that this $1.99 book has the original Stephen King’s signature on it! You should be jealous if you’re a die-hard fan of this famous author!

2. A Funny T-shirt

Photo Credit: Calhobs

If you’re a straight man, this shirt could be hilarious to wear. Imagine wearing this then people will read what’s on your today’s schedule.

3. A Cool-Designed Kettle

Photo Credit: Bribear4

For $7, this teapot is worth it. I guess you won’t be able to find a different design for a kettle that’s as colorful as this.

4. A Clock Filled With Cats

Photo Credit: Crazyauntkanye

If you’re a cat-lover, you would want to have this $2 wall clock. Can you imagine if this would make a “meow” sound every hour?

5. $10 Ancient Treasure

Photo Credit: Joeygoodkid

Gamers head up! A certain grandma sold this for only $10; she didn’t even know that this is a gem for us game lovers! If I would have this, I’ll play it as soon as I bought it.

6. Full Nickelodeon Outfit

Photo Credit: Sappet102

If you’re a big fan of Nickelodeon, you won’t be embarrassed to wear this set of dress. Imagine feeling so young with the design of Rugrats; that would be nostalgic.

7. Doppelganger

Photo Credit: Falconfalcone

Imagine visiting a random thrift shop and seeing a photo that looks exactly like you; that would be so amazing! If this would happen to you, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t miss taking a picture of it too.

8. Fake Light-Plastic Wrench

Photo Credit: Tdeckard2000

We all know how heavy a wrench is. This man bought a plastic made a wrench, and it looks exactly like a real one. If you’re a prankster, better have this item. You can throw this at people and watch their hilarious reactions.

9. Army of Pikachu

Photo Credit: IAmOnlyHereForTHeOprahBeeGif

I would buy one of these if I saw one. Someone just bought a 36 stuffed Pikachus! As a Pokemon lover, I will dream of having this. Anyone can be interested in this cute army displayed in their houses.

10. A Mug with a Design of Random Guys

Photo Credit: Stinkycrow666

Imagine buying a mug with random guys as a design. If you’re a woman, it would be pretty, but if you’re a guy, it may seem weird. The funny part is, you don’t know any of the guys.

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