10 Photos of Unique and Funny License Plates of Cars

Photo Credit: BuffyWan

We all know how important for the license plate is for cars. If you’re a car owner and you don’t have this displayed on your vehicle, you might get a violation. Here we have a list of hilarious pictures of license plates seen be people:

1. Most metal license plate

Photo Credit: T_Money22

It’s written as ET4LLIC, but the genius owner of this car customized the plate to make it readable as Metallica. We can safely say that the car owner is a huge fan of metal!

2. Perfect for bug haters

Photo Credit: Geekyspacegirl420

If you hate different bugs, this license plate is perfect for you. Insects might not fly or stay on your car for this!

3. Quite scary but still funny

Photo Credit: Blargsnarg

You’re next for what? No one knows. This license plate is pretty epic; you would feel anxious about it!

4. One of the funniest, or should I say, the sneakiest!

Photo Credit: Freeornothing

Anyone would laugh at this license plate! What made it funnier is the fact that word snake spelled weirdly and the car looked like it has a tongue! The sense of humor of the owner of this car is absolutely out of this world!

5. Most hilarious license plate!

Photo Credit: PrestoMovie

Imagine getting overtaken but this car, at first you might get furious, but when you saw the plate, I don’t know if you’ll be able to stop yourself from laughing. I can hear the driver or even the car laughing!

6. Should be added to funniest!

Photo Credit: HamburgerThievery

I’m sure that no one will get mad if someone got cut off by this car. It’s probably the most respectful car you’ll ever meet.

7. Vehicles also get tired

Photo Credit: SelectAll_Delete

The funny part is, I think this license plate is for the driver and the fact that it’s carrying tires. It has a double meaning if you’ll ask me.

8. Pokemon lovers and Ferrari lovers unite!

Photo Credit: BuffyWan

It is the perfect car for you! A yellow Ferrari with a license plate had written the word “Pikachu”! You could only imagine if Ash is the driver or if Pikachu is inside.

9. Lucifer’s Car

Evil is the word written to the license plate. How cool is that? It might be one of the most wanted cars on this list.

10. One of the best and perfect picture yet!

Photo Credit: KristenMosuch

First of all, the license plate is written as “Clumsy,” from that, we would already know why the driver got into this. Well, we can’t judge him or her, but it’s funny to think of; it makes a perfect combination of the driver and the car license plate.

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