10 Pictures of Ed Sheeran and His Security Guard Showing Their Closeness

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

# 1 Ed’s security guard carrying him

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

It’s ironic because Ed has a song that has the lyrics: “when your legs don’t work that they’ve used to before.”

#2 Ed and his security guard holding hands on a bridge

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

It’s hilarious to see this, but it shows how a sweet Ed is to his guardian.

#3 Ed hugging his security guard while on a jet

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

Let’s disregard how rich Ed is and focus on how he treats his security guard.

#4 Ed’s security guard watching him while performing on the stage

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

This picture doesn’t only show how great Ed is but also how supportive his security guard is for him.

#5 Ed’s security guard carrying him on his back

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

This picture isn’t slavery everyone, this is normal for them, I’m sure. Ed is just a fun friend to have.

#6 A picture of Ed’s security on the art gallery

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

This picture is just amazing. It shows how much amazing Ed and his security card is when they’re together.

#7 Ed feeding his security guard a banana

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

This picture is so adorable to look at especially if you’ve read the funny caption. They just look so cute together.

#8 Ed’s security guard almost licking him

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

This picture is one of the funniest of them together. You can imagine how comfortable Ed is to his bodyguard.

#9 Ed teaching his security guard how to play the guitar

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

This only shows how he treats him like a friend. It shows how much more his security guard is to him.

#10 Ed and his security hugging inside a chopper

Photo Credit: SecurityKev

This picture shows more than Ed’s riches; it also shows how his security guard has no limits for his things.

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