10 Pictures with Deep Meanings

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando
  1. Tea Time

For most people, having tea is a significant time of the day. It gives relaxation to the body and revitalizes their mind. This picture shows how important it is for people; they would leave what they are currently doing to have a cup of team

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando

  1. Two Shall Become One

Marriage is one of the best events that two people in a relationship would want to achieve. In this picture, marriage signifies two people being one. Once you are married, you unify yourself with your partner, and you become one as a whole. This show how important marriage is.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando

  1. After the Rain

Rain signifies sadness at some point. We often feel sad suddenly when it rains. It’s an unexplainable feeling that most people have tested. This image somewhat explains that everything has ups and downs. We should not let sadness take over us. We must always look up and never lose faith.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando


  1. I Miss You

One of the worst feelings that anyone can feel is missing someone and remembering the memories that you cannot bring back. It is either missing a person or a thing that you had in the past. This picture can also tell about losing your old self.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando



  1. Show me, Love

It shows a sharp image that shows how hard it is when someone feels unloved. Sometimes in a relationship, even if you give your best effort to love someone, if it’s not enough, it won’t heal that person. Some person also keeps denying efforts from other people because they are too scared to commit once again. If a person is hurt, it always has a deep meaning of why he/she had already difficulties in trusting someone.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando



  1. A New Journey

Having a child is indeed a whole different journey. It creates a new experience for married couples. It's the result of their true love, which means they took this journey on the plan. They are now committed to taking advantage of this gift. Every couple must learn how to help their newborn grow as a great person.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando

  1. Us

Every person who is in a serious relationship can relate to this image. When you’re with someone, it feels that you’re on a different world his/her. It feels different and exciting. You are too focused on him/her; you don’t care about other things around you. It’s more of saying that “It’s just you and me”. This image shows how powerful true love is; it drives you crazy, and you’re enjoying it.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando


  1. Whisper

We all know how vital how a secret is. A specific information or fact is supposed to be hidden; only a certain number of selected people must know it. If you are whispering something to a person, it means you trust that person to keep it a secret. People nowadays don’t understand this simple thing. Always remember to never break the trust of someone because of all people, he/she chose to trust you.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando



  1. Connected to Me

No person understands you better than yourself. If you have a particular problem, you can always get pieces of advice from other people; but always remember, it’s yourself who can know what’s best for you. Still, talk and motivate yourself in a lot of things. Remember that you know yourself better than anyone.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando

  1. I Want To Talk To You

In a relationship, when you have a problem with your other half, always prioritized to talk about it. What most people still mistakenly do is telling it to other people first before with his/her partner. They don’t understand that by doing it, it can make the problem worse. Remember to talk to your partner about it before you regret it.

Photo credits to Cyril Rolando


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