10 Things That Says Nature Isn’t Always Cute

Things That Says Nature Isn’t Always Cute
Photo Credit: Hilltopchill

We just can’t get enough of adorable dogs, cats, and other cute baby animals. Nature may fill us with awe on our faces but who could tell that it can be weird? Who could say that behind all of those cuteness are its dark side residing? Well, nature is really diverse where bizarre things may happen. Here’s a list of photos that would surely bring shiver through your bones:

#1 Winged Rodent Spotted In a Backyard – Philippines

Don’t be fooled with its title, it’s not a rat. This fruit-loving flying mammal which can be found in most of Asia is a Fox Bat. It is among the largest bats in the world with wings spanning up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) across. What would you do when you see one?

#2 Our Friendly Neighbor is Just Pure Creeps – Australia

Have you ever get interrupted in the shower when a spider says hello in the morning? What are you, child? Come to think if this spider is the one you see in your home. Let me introduce you the huntsman spider. But don’t worry; “spidey” here is the last thing you would think to hurt you unless you’re a cockroach.

#3 Ride or Die

Just another witticism: whenever I see this picture, I think of the Kim Kardashian. With this hive of worker bees, you might lose the interest to stay fit by cycling. These bees left the over-populated colony and found home under this bicycle seat.

#4 The Real Facelift

This lizard shed his entire face in one piece – a cheap way of having a facelift. If you plan to do the same to your pet lizard, just be careful – it hurts.

#5 Who Turned Off the Lights? Friendship at Its Finest

Things That Says Nature Isn’t Always Cute

These two snakes have been electrocuted to death. It’s a shocking story of friendship when the other tries to pull his friend out of danger. However, he finds itself in the same fate.

#6 You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Things That Says Nature Isn’t Always Cute

Fortunately, our comfortable friend here is a rat snake. Native to North America and as the name suggests, its favorite meal would be mostly of rodents. Thus, making themselves contented living where the rats are. But don’t you worry; it is classified as harmless to humans and is not venomous.

#7 Dinosaurs Behind Your Closet

These giant lizards are not extinct as you think they are. Sometimes they can be found even at the comfort of your own home. Wait, what? Are you sure that only your family lives in your home? Well, think again. Lizards are known to be good adapters.

#8 My Son’s Spider Toy is Alive

Things That Says Nature Isn’t Always Cute

Geckos can be found in all parts of the world except for Antarctica. They have developed skills such as camouflage to help them hide in any environment from other predators and preys.

#9 Air Strikes

Things That Says Nature Isn’t Always Cute

This flock of birds migrates to find warmer places. They migrate when the air is cooler and calmer, and there are fewer predators.

#10 SAW

Have you seen the SAW movie? Well, here is nature’s version of Saw. Just be careful around these creatures as they can slice and dice you.

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