10 Unique Things About Asia

Photo Credit: Prostoilogin

We all know that Asia is one of the biggest continents in the world. People say that you can find the smartest people in Asia. There was once an article saying that you could excel in one thing but there will always be an Asian kid better than you. It is somewhat true because there is a lot of unique people here.

Here’s a top 10 list of unique things about asia photographs that will blow your mind away:

#10 – Power Banks for Rent

Unique Things About Asia
Photo Caption: © verenevg / Pikabu

We all know that a power bank is a very important item that we must bring when we travel. In China, they offer power banks in different places. If they happen to forget to charge their mobile phone or bring their own power bank, it’s convenient for them because they can rent one!

#9 – Coconuts on the go

Photo Caption:© medved1205 / Pikabu

Who doesn’t love coconut? This fruit is very delicious and healthy; you may want to eat it anywhere! In this picture, it shows a lid on each coconut, making it handy. Just don’t try to eat one in a crowded place, it would be very difficult!

#8 – Appreciate Nature Anytime

Unique Things About Asia
Photo Credit: Freem8888

Just take a minute to look at this funny picture. Imagine taking a leak while being mesmerized by the scene of the beach. You can feel the breeze while doing this. We can only imagine the great mind behind the idea of this picture.

#7 – Sleep in IKEA anytime

Photo Caption:

 Imagine shopping for furniture or different things for your house then suddenly you feel sleepy because you are tired. In an IKEA in Beijing, China, you can sleep on their couches! You can just imagine moving in at an IKEA store.

#6 – Waterfalls on a Skyscraper

Unique Things About Asia
Photo Credit: Prostoilogin

No, this is not edited. You can actually find a skyscraper that has a man-made waterfall. Imagine how great to take a picture on the bottom of this building. People would confuse where the water came from.

#5 – Beer Drinking Competition

Photo Credit: Kassad797

This might be the dream of every drunken master. There is actually a tournament in China for whoever drinks the most beer. In this picture, people actually drink from a large bowl, making it more exciting. Who wants to join this unbelievable challenge?

#4 – Soups in a Plastic Bag

Photo Credit: plasibo

This is somewhat strange. Cafés in Thailand serve their soups inside a plastic bag. It may be weird but if you think of it, it’s quite convenient. You won’t need to call a waiter if you want to take it home.

#3 – Love Wins

Photo Credit: unknown author

They say that when you love someone, you must hold his/her hand to show affection. In this picture, love still won. The man held her girlfriend’s foot because they are too far from each other to hold hands. Overall, it’s a cute and funny picture.

#2 – Toilet Slippers

Photo Credit: KOSOL0BIK

It is very convenient to have to wear slippers when using comfort rooms; in Japan, they provide one. It is very convenient and the idea is incredible. This only shows that Japan has very polite and kind people

#10 – Korean Entertainment at its Finest

Unique Things About Asia
Photo Credit: Sleepyricky

A Korean Band had an awesome idea to make their fans laugh. They would put ice cubes in their mouth while seeing. You can only imagine the feeling of singing while having an ice on your mouth that would be so difficult. A good and funny idea to be honest.

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