5 Pictures showing about the Campaign of Adidas of Recycling Ocean Plastic

Photo Credit: Adidas/Parley

#1 Activist Designer Cyrill Gutsh, founded a program that will create 11 million new shoes with the use of recycled plastic recovered from the ocean. The first picture shows the materials that are going to be used to create a new shoe. Ocean plastic will be the primary material.

Photo Credit: Parley

#2 The second picture shows a finished product from the recycled materials from the ocean. They were able to create jerseys. If you look closely on the image, the shirts they wear doesn’t look like that it came from recycling materials.

Jerseys created from recycled ocean plastic. Photo Credit: Adidas/Parley

#3 The 3rd picture shows an image of their flag to symbolize their great campaign. We surely cannot deny how genius this idea is. Plastic has been recorded as the most abundant material recovered from the ocean. It has caused a lot of death from animals under the sea. There have been a lot of posts in social media about different mammals from the ocean like whales that died because of too much intake of plastic. This is the reason why this campaign is significant. Imagine creating another object from recycling plastics. It can mainly lessen plastic wastes.

Photo Credit: Adidas/Parley

#4 The 4th picture shows another product that was created from recycled materials. If you look closely to this shoe, you can’t say that it came from those materials that were recovered from the ocean. It seems exactly like an original shoe.

Photo Credit: Adidas/Parley

#5 The 5th picture shows a finalize shoe product created from the recycled materials. We can’t deny that it is a success. It honestly looks like a new quality sport shoe that professional players use. It only explains that the campaign was a success.

Photo Credit: Adidas/Parley

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