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7 Fail Panoramic Shots of Animals That You May Find Incredibly Hilarious!

Photo Credit: emeliegidlund

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Panoramic shot is one of the features that most mobile users use to capture amazing moments and breathtaking views of lush greens, wooded forests, pristine beaches, and snow-capped mountains. With only your steady hands and a touch of the shutter button on your smartphones, viola! You now have a picturesque shot! However, when your subject – say your pet — has trouble staying in place, the panoramic shot may end up elongated or your subject with weird eyes and additional feet.

There are several animal images on the Internet with panoramic effects that end up with multiple legs and other tails. It is not your beloved pets’ fault that they cannot sit still or hold a pose, and you should not feel guilty if you find these disturbing and kooky shots exhilaratingly funny. Get ready to burst into tears and waves of laughter as here are seven quirky fail shots of animals that you can find on the Internet today:

1. Since four legs are not enough at times so seven can do. This hilarious photo of a dog on the beach shores has shown extra feet that looks spooky realistic due to its black fur.

Photo Credit: natmiller

2. When your dog eats disgusting leftovers in your backyard that taste terrible even for him, he may probably look like this – derp!

Photo Credit: PuppermintJerry

3. Is this an allidoggo or a crocodog? Hilarious!

Photo Credit: emeliegidlund

4. Do you remember Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame? This is not him. This cute dog must be from The Hunchback of Notre Yard.

Photo Credit: bulletsmikey

5. Why the long face? Did science go too far with a Chimera of a dog and an ant-eater hybrid?

Photo Credit: loke_and_nala

6. This cat must have used its nine lives all at once.

Photo Credit: morodgerss

7. Have you seen a four-seater horse?

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