8 Hilarious Comics from Yehuda that exhibits His and His Wife’s Struggles Now They’re Pregnant

Tel-Aviv artist Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya Devir have been sharing their adorable relationship and funny adventures with the world through his ongoing comic series. Their webcomic series “One of Those Days” illustrates the couple’s daily life, from silly moments to life-changing experiences. The lovely pair revealed that they’ve been trying to conceive for about a year in 2018. Yehuda made a comic out of their year-long journey to get pregnant of course. Now, the couple returns with their newest adventures featuring Maya’s Pregnancy.

“We’re pregnant!!!!”

The Devir couple started their journey to make a little one in 2018. They said that the process was difficult for both of them. Discovering that Maya has her period at the end of each month was the hardest, according to the artist. He even described it to be a terrible feeling as if you aren’t in control of your life after continuously dealing with unsuccessful attempts.

“Say Hello to Her Little Friends!”

Despite the challenges here and there, the comical couple made it through with their love and strong bond. It’s not a surprise since the couple had been together for a long time. Their friendship, love and great teamwork make them a powerful duo who can overcome any challenges together.

“The First Kick”

The fans find their moments hilarious and their challenges relatable. Seeing their day to day life in “One of those days” makes people feel that there are couples out there who are dealing with the same experiences as them.

“Body changes”

“Our Valentine’s Day “

Yehuda and Maya met during their military service. After a few twists and turns, and a long period of friendship, a relationship blossomed between the two.

“I bought her a Physio Ball”

“Salt Face”

Yehuda is the chief illustrator, and Maya is also an artist, so she helps him with concepts and compositions sketches. When Yehuda is finished working, it’s Maya’s turn to add her inputs for improvement. A lot of work is obviously involved in making these wonderful comics.

“She come in PISS”

The charming duo can’t help but be thankful to their followers for the love that they receive. Their artworks purpose is to make the world a happier place, and we can say that they are achieving it one comic at a time.

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