A Certain Hospital Provide Kids a Miniature Car that they can drive to Relieve Stress

Photo credits: Medical Center

1. The first picture shows a cute kid riding a pink toy car. Doctors Medical Center lets their little patients use these to keep them busy while waiting for the surgery. It is an effective way to decrease the fear of the kids for the upcoming surgery they’ll experience. This toy car is a VW beetle.

Photo credits: Medical Center

2. This second picture shows an adorable child driving a black Mercedes toy car. These cars are controllable in two different ways. Kids can drive it directly or by using a remote control. It also has functioning taillights and headlights. It also has an installed radio for kids to choose music that would make them pleased while waiting for the surgery.

Photo credits: Medical Center

3. This third picture shows the same kid riding the pink beetle car. Look at the child’s smile? She seems to be very happy and forgot about the surgery.

Photo credits: Medical Center

4. It is essential to prioritize these young kids because they need high supervision. Surgery can always be scary for anyone, especially for children. This way of entertaining the kids can be useful so they can be ready for the operation.

5. Here is a reaction tweet to this excellent idea. We cannot deny that this is a truly genius idea. According to Twitter user Frederick, this is the brightest idea he has seen before surgery. Twitter user Dianne Callahan also admired this idea and considered so cute and smart. Even some adults that have experienced surgery would love to experience this if they would ever be undergoing surgery again!

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