A Decade of Hard Work by this Indian Artist Produced the Tallest Bird Sculpture in the World

Photo Credit: Team Jatayu

The country of India has been a must visit for countless people. From the wondrous Taj Mahal, the exceptional cuisine, sacred temples, and many more, visiting India is no surprise in the bucket list of many people. You may already have visited a few countries, but this country has its very own way of pulling potential tourists towards it. And now, there is more reason to visit this great country, and one of them is the mind-boggling statue of an eagle that brings an old myth back to life created by a famous filmmaker Rajiv Anchal.

Rajiv Anchal, an Indian Artist, Opened His Unique Landmark To The Public After 10 Years Of Dedication And Hard Work

Photo Credit: Jatayu Earth’s Center

This glorious sculpture is located near Kerala, Jatayu Earth Centre. And to no surprise, it has quickly become one of the best places to visit while traveling around India.

Photo Credit: Jonny Melon

The Ramayana epic that this sculpture dedicated to tells a story of a giant eagle of the Ramayana who fell while going against Ravana, to save a Hindu goddess Sita. Written in Sanskrit, The residents of Chadayamangalam village in Kollam district, Kerala, had known the story for many years, now it has been brought back to life in the most excellent way possible.

At present, this is the biggest bird sculpture in the world.

Photo Credit: Team Jatayu

When you do visit this place (and we know you will), you will find that this sculpture is not the only exciting thing in the area, there are also plenty of other outstanding activities for tourists to enjoy. These activities are indeed impressive, such as rock climbing, rappelling, paintball, and rifle shooting. There is also an Ayurvedic resort nearby as well as a museum, making you extremely welcome to visit the area.

Photo Credit: Withlai

The sculpture by the Indian artist stretches 200ft tall, from its tail up to its head, and is also built on top of the 1,000ft-high Jatayupara towers. No wonder, this has been regarded as the largest sculpture of a bird in the world!

Photo Credit: Team Jatayu

The author of the sculpture, filmmaker Rajiv Anchal, says he had the idea for longer than 10 years.“I had presented a model for this sculpture to the Department of Tourism during my Fine Arts College days in the 1980s. Although they were impressed, it didn’t take shape back then.”

Photo Credit: Kerala Tourism

The author of the sculpture also says how important it is to not turn the monument from a cultural one into a religious one. According to him “Jatayu died protecting a woman’s honor and that is what the sculpture stands for. People of all faiths have invested in the project and people of all faiths will be coming to see it. My work is for all of them. For those looking for religion, there is the old temple just outside the compound.”

Photo Credit: Team Jatayu

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