A Genius Bride-To-be Invents an IKEA Bag hack to pee Worry-free for her Big Wedding Day

Photo Credit: Djsweeby

We all know how big wedding day is; many people consider this as one of the most memorable days of couples. Anyone would plan this for months so better include everything so you can enjoy and cherish this momentous event!

Photo Credit: Djsweeby

A unique thing to consider, how can you pee while wearing a giant wedding dress? You’ll get to drink champagne and even water throughout this event. It would be amazing if you’ll be able to have something to help you.

2. The second picture shows how the soon-to-be bribe will wear the bag for peeing convenience.

Photo Credit: Djsweeby

The name of this bride is Tina; she is a British woman. She was the one behind this genius idea. Her wedding DJ is the one who posted these pictures in social media, which later on went viral.

3. The third picture shows how it will look like while wearing the IKEA Bag with the wedding dress worn.

Photo Credit: Djsweeby

The general idea was to cut a hole on the bottom part of the IKEA Bag. She then gathers the folds of the dress then lifts the bag and puts the straps of it over her shoulders.

4. The fourth picture shows how it works while peeing. Hilarious but very clever!

Photo Credit: Djsweeby

Tina said that she worried about how she’ll pee on her wedding because it’s so hard to go to the bathroom in a wedding dress. She even imagined if her period decides to show up on the wedding day so she invented something that can help her. She also said that she could get a bridal bathroom helper, but it was expensive, so she just went on to her invention.

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