A Man helped by Random Twitter Users Experience the Best Graduation Ever

Photo credits: 4Denga

Nothing is better than having a true friend. Having someone that will help you throughout life is one of the most amazing this that you can experience. Even though not all people have a long-lasting bond, those who have are lucky enough and make us realize that friendship is so sacred.

1. A woman named Denga posted a tweet on twitter that she was helping a friend get formal navy blazer for his graduation. She even mentioned that her friend is the first graduate in his own family.

Photo credits: 4Denga

2. She tweeted again that her friend doesn’t know that she got him a shirt. She further tweeted that she’s just helping him because he had been a good friend to her. She said that his friend even helped her through depression.

Photo credits: 4Denga

3. Twitter user Thabo replied to Denga’s tweet that he’d give or buy his friend a black suit and tie. What a generous guy!

Photo credits: Manyakat

4. Twitter user Mageza Ngo Bisi offered an arrangement after Denga’s friend’s graduation. This person wanted him to celebrate his graduation with his family.

Photo credits: Mabengi1

5. Twitter users Dean and Mosa also want to offer something for Denga’s friend. This person is generously offering shoes for him.

Photo credits: DeanMabuela and MosaJnr
Photo credits: DeanMabuela and MosaJnr

6. Twitter User Janine offered to pay for a blazer for him. What a lucky guy!

Photo credits: Janine Lazarus

7. It is not all after the clothing situation resolved, other Twitter users donated money, offered photo taking on the ceremony and what’s best is a family dinner for them.

Photo credits: Wadinepe, YamunguD, LondaniBudeli, Langa_Lethu

8. Because of the overwhelming offers of these random generous strangers, both Denga and his lucky friend were exceedingly amazed. Denga tweeted that her friend was good to go and more than ready for the graduation.

Photo credits: 4Denga

9. Here are pictures of Denga’s friend celebrating his graduation. He looks so beautiful and happy. They did celebrate his graduation with his family in a local restaurant. None of these would be all possible with Denga and several random strangers help. Humanity at its finest!

Photo credits: 4Denga

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