A Random Woman Posts a Threat on Facebook that She’ll Punch Breastfeeding Women and their Babies

Breastfeeding in public places seems reasonable to most people, but not with this woman. Carly Clark from Spartanburg, South Carolina gained a lot of hate when she made a threatening post for breastfeeding moms.

1. The first picture shows the tweet made by Carly. She posted that she’ll punch the next mom that will do breastfeeding in front of her kids.

2. The second picture is a clear photo of the notorious woman hater, Carly Clark. She is reported to be currently working in Petsense.

3. The third picture shows a post from Carol Freeman. It explains in her post the hate towards Carly together with her reason for crowd-sourcing.

Photo Credit: Carly Freeman/Facebook

4. The fourth picture shows another alarmed citizen and expressing her disagreement with Carly by posting in social media. She even indicated in her post that Petsense has already fired the woman. She strongly suggests that breastfeeding in public is entirely reasonable.

Photo Credit: Stephannie Hudson

5. The fifth picture shows a tweet on twitter of a woman named Whitney. She also expressed her anger towards Carly and even insisted that repercussions should be applied. She also supports the normalization of breastfeeding in public.

Photo Credit: WhitneyLKing

6. The sixth picture shows a post from Petsense informing the public that they don’t tolerate such violence. They even clarified that Carly has already fired.

7. The seventh picture shows Carly’s reply to a specific comment about her post. She continued to stand her side on a negative approach to breastfeeding. She even explained that pulling out a boob reflects the characteristics of the person.

8. The eighth picture shows one of many replies to Carly’s comment. This person’s point is Carly’s must learn to teach her children about the natural part of life and the privacy of everyone.

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