A Story of an Uber Driver left a Woman in the Middle of the Road when He found out that she was getting Abortion

Photo Credit: Josie Desmarais

1. A Reddit user shared an unforgettable and traumatic experience with an Uber driver when she was on a ride to an abortion clinic. The driver left her stranded on the road for minutes which makes these a dreadful phenomena.

Photo Credit: Josie Desmarais

2. This victim was a 20-year-old college student from New York. She found out that she was pregnant and realized that she was not in a position to raise a child. She had a plan to go to a clinic, but the only available was far from her location. She then decided to take an Uber trip to go for a different clinic then this is where that traumatic trip starts.

3. Along the trip, she felt that her Uber driver was very suspicious. Take note; she just wrote the doctor’s name and clinic for the destination. The driver asked him if she was going to a Planned Parenthood Clinic. She replied no because she truly wasn’t going to such clinic. After a few more minutes, the driver asked him again differently if she’s going to an Abortion Clinic. It is where it gets traumatic because who would ask such a question? The driver continued and told his experience with his wife and told the girl that she would regret her decision. The girl was stunned along the trip.

4. What could have been the worst things that a driver would do; this certain man pulled over and told the girl that he won’t be able to her for the rest of the way. Of course, the student was speechless and stunned for the driver’s actions. The girl immediately got out of the car and contacted her parents and her boyfriend. The Uber driver even hung around for 10-15 minutes to offer the girl a ride back to him. The girl declined and took a local cab instead. She managed to arrive at the appointment an hour late.

5. The girl reported the driver of the Uber to the police. The Uber driver got banned from Uber because of his actions.

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