A Teacher creates a Post-it note as a Mental Type of Support

Photo Credit: Tara Mitchell Holman

We all know that a teacher’s job is only to educate his or her students. Some teachers exceed what they can do for their pupils. A photo taken by Tara has inspired a lot of people and gained a lot of attention. It shows a whiteboard of a teacher that works as a Post-it board for students who wants to have a private talk. The teacher informed the students to write their name at the back of a sticky note and put it in the whiteboard every Monday. The chart has a specific row that indicates how every student is doing. After they did this, the teacher will personally talk to every student. It’s more like a weekly check on the students.

Photo Credit: Tara Mitchell Holman

Mental Health Support’s Importance

The main reason for this chart is for mental support. Some students are scared to open up their problems to other people because of the fear of being humiliated. Mental awareness is crucial, especially for young students. We all know how childhood stage is hard and confusing, but being a teenager is more complicated. One of the main reasons for a student’s mental problems is social media. Students feel jealousy in a lot of ways. One example is when a student sees his classmate post in social media about his new mobile phone; this is where the jealousy starts.

Teachers are the Perfect People to Help Students with Mental Problems

Since every student spends most of their time in school, teachers can be capable of helping them. Some students may have problems with their family for example. Teachers can offer a one-on-one talk with their students so they can vent out their problems to them. Sometimes, it helps a lot once you’ve shared your issues with anyone. It can remove the hard feeling inside your mind and heart.

Let’s be aware of how vital Mental Awareness is; we won’t know what would happen if not given action. We must always remember to look after our youngsters and check on them if they are doing fine.


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