A Touching Story of Stabbed Dog Protecting His Master from an Equipped Robber Went Viral

Dogs are truly one of the best pets in the world. They are somewhat like a part of our family. But, who would have thought that a man’s best friend can also be our savior in times of crisis? This is a remarkable case based on a true story of a valiant German Shepard named Duke who nearly offered his life in order to guard his master from an equipped robber. This touching dog story will surely make you believe in true friendship.

touching dog story

The incident happened when Duke’s owner, Gino Wensel took him out for a walk. He had seen that there was a dubious man came nearer to them. As soon this skeptical moment happened, Duke bolted to the said unwanted man.

touching dog story

Duke immediately protected his owner by truculently growly to the said stranger. Yet, that certain action didn’t make to frighten the unfamiliar. Instead of running away to his target, he brutally stabbed the knife on the dog’s head. Still, the kind-hearted dog managed to gather all his residual strength to intimidate the barbaric delinquent and fainted. Luckily, Duke was still alive and was sent to a veterinarian clinic.

After the accident

After the horrible incident, Duke was taken to the Animal Welfare Society on March 9, 2019. The nurse said that the great dog came in the hospital with a condemning condition. Woefully, they didn’t know what came to the criminal’s mind which put the savior dog from its state. But what matter them the most is to save him.

touching dog story

An X-ray was shown how the knife lodged into the brave dog’s head. It made sense on how the vets would act on such sensitive case. They organization stated in their Facebook post that every second seemed like hours once Duke is detoriating in and out of consciousness. The veterinarian quickly concluded that if they will save him, they have to extract the knife from his head urgently.

touching dog story

Fortunately, the veterinarian safely withdrawn the knife and the staff and Gino were relieved.

Once again, Duke reunited with his loving owner, Gino. Isn’t this one of the best ending for a touching dog story?

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