A Woman Filed a Lawsuit against KFC for Preventing Her to Pump at Work –She Walked Away with $1.5 Million

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The practice of woman re-entering the workforce after birth delivery has been going on for decades now. Over the years, employers had learned how to adjust to the new moms back on the job especially when they need to pump breast milk and if there are emergency calls concerning their babies back at home. However, a recent lawsuit filed against KFC became proof that other employers still have some learning to do.

Autumn Lampkins went back to work just a few months after giving birth. She applied at a Kentucky Fried Chicken branch at Delaware as an assistant manager. According to her employers, she would be given time to pump breastmilk while she’s at work.

The first few days went alright. However, as weeks went by, the outlet manager and even her co-workers made it hard for her to pump breastmilk. They always said it was extremely busy at the branch and pumping takes too much time. Furthermore, Autumn was demoted from her position.

The Dilemma

After a few months, the new mom experienced painful sensations in her breast.  Since she wasn’t able to pump milk on a recommended basis, her milk had dried up. The experts say it is not good for a mother’s health. Moreover, Autumn was forced to switch her baby to formula milk.

As a new mom who knew her rights, Autumn went on and filed a lawsuit against KFC. According to the experts, a mother must is advised to pump milk once every two hours. At her job, she was only permitted to pump milk once. Autumn usually worked for ten hours!

The court officials went on to their job and found suitable evidence supporting Autumn’s claim of workplace discrimination. She had rough times at the whole duration of the court procedures. However, in the end, she was awarded 25,000 in compensatory damages. Moreover, KFC had to pay her $1.5 million in punitive damages. While the hefty amount can change Autumn’s life in an instant, she claims that she did everything to fight for every working moms’ rights.

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