Amazing Pictures That Reveals the Effort Made to Shoot These Awesome Photos

Photo credit: Omahi

1. Jack and Rose Inspired Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

This first picture shows what seems to be a simple photo but turns out to be something special. The photographer puts half of the camera underwater to create this mesmerizing romantic picture.

2. Romantic Couple Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

This second picture shows an exceptional shot of a couple with a lot of efforts exerted. You could imagine the number of shots and burnt paper to create this photo. It shows that even non-professional photographers can make a glamorous shot by just adding extra effort.

3. Elegant Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

This third picture show what you would think is just hardly edited but creatively made. It only takes a little photoshop and a small effort and helps from friends to create this fantastic shot.

4. Hot Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

Warning: Don’t try this at home. A fourth photo will always be amazing when it has an effect on fire. In this photo, they made a fascinating yet frightening shot that’s worth sharing to everyone.

5. Mind-blowing Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

This fifth picture shows a very cool photo with a medium level of edit. You can imagine how amazing most photographers are to think of ideas like this.

6. Stunning Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

This sixth picture shows how vital angle is; the photographer exerts a lot of effort for this shot. Photography can be very challenging, but it’s also so much fun.

7. Winter Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

If you think that it’s impossible to create a photo of winter in a summer season, you are wrong. This photographer made it perfectly amazing but only using some pieces of stuff and picking a park as a location.

8. Fruit-Ninja Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

Wanting to be a real fruit ninja? It takes a lot of effort and practice because you’ll be slicing fruits in the air while being photographed. It’s challenging but incredibly worth it in the end.

9. Autumn Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

Sometimes, taking advantage of different seasons could be so worth it. Who would think of this idea? This photo shows how the fall season could be perfect for nature photography. It could be a little funny and itchy to cover your face with leaves, but it can create you a god or goddess of autumn.

10. Las Vegas Shot

Photo credit: Omahi

It’s easy to create a shot of Las Vegas, go to a crowded place then be patient to come up with the perfect photo. After several attempts, this picture was perfectly made.

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