7 Women Who Have Ditched Hair Dyes and Embraced their Natural Grays – the Results are Amazing!

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Society’s standards have pushed both men and women to change physically and behaviorally. However, as years passed, most people have learned to accept and flaunt their imperfections. For instance, most women with natural gray hairs have adopted the beauty of their natural hair color. There is an existing Instagram account designed for women with natural grays. These women got tired of the society’s pressures and the hundreds of dollars they have spent in hair spas and salons. Here are seven women who have started embracing their imperfect beauty:

1. This woman got tired of people saying that she should dye her hair before her wedding, or else she would regret it. Guess what? She did not comply! She could not be happier that she was herself when she married her partner.

Photo Credt: grombre

2. Martha is in her 20s, and if she lets her gray hair and comments of other people define her as a person, then what would she believe about herself on her 40s? She wanted to challenge society’s standard of beauty, and avoid being someone else’s bias.

Photo Credit: grombre

3. Her natural gray hair has received mixed opinions as she travels in several countries with different cultures. Some have fully embraced it, but others have questioned her choice of not buying harsh chemicals to apply on her hair.

4. This woman finally decided to get rid of her boxes of dye to unhide her natural grays. She has never imagined that embracing her hair color would be liberating and exciting.

Photo Credit: grombre

5. She started disregarding other people’s opinions when she realized that she was created for a purpose.

Photo Credit: grombre

6. This woman has had grey hairs during her teenage years. She started applying dyeing colors at age 16 to cover her “imperfections.” Today, she is 14-month dye-free, and she regrets not stopping sooner.

Photo Credit: grombre

7. She stopped using hair dyes in 2019 when she gave birth to a baby boy who has cleft lip and palate. She wanted to tell her son to accept what was given of him, but how can she tell him that when she was hiding what was given of her?

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