Awesome Old Photos of Random People’s Parents

Photo Credit: hellooooo3

1. The first picture shows a mom driving a helicopter in the army in the Year 80s. It couldn’t get any badass. The fact that it’s the mom, not the dad, it’s so impressive.

Photo Credit: CompleteDesaster

2. The second picture shows an old photo of someone’s mom doing a handstand on two skateboards. It’s incredible because it’s challenging to do this in one skateboard, but this badass mom did it in two.

Photo Credit: Nirokie

3. The third image shows someone’s dad wrestling Chuck Norris. We all know how tough Chuck Norris is, but this dad gave it to him awesomely. The photo was so incredible and should worth-sharing to anyone.

Photo Credit: LanaDelRayquaza

4. The fourth picture shows a group of men hanging out on top of a submarine in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and they are even diving off to swim to the water. It is one of the incredible old photos that anyone can show in public.

Photo Credit: MightyCornDog

5. The fifth picture shows someone’s dad dressed awesomely and is a ZooKeeper in the year 1992. That might be one of the most exciting jobs in the past. He’s even taking care of a rhino in the picture, which is fantastic.

Photo Credit: 8-Bit_Zombies

6. The sixth on the list shows a 1984 photo of someone’s mom in the Police Academy. How badass can it get? Can you imagine what it feels being a cop in the 1980s?

Photo Credit: hellooooo3

7. The seventh picture shows someone’s dad riding a badass motorcycle who took a ride across Africa. We can deny that bikes are much more rad than it looks in the early years of our parents.

Photo Credit: Civil55

8. The eighth picture shows someone’s dad fishing on top of a Nuclear Submarine. Taken in the year 1966 and it’s terrific. The fishes won’t expect someone to catch them here.

Photo Credit: VBisBest

9. The ninth picture is probably the funniest; here is a picture of someone’s Father, Grandfather, Grandmother and Uncle in a bar in Mitzvah and taken last 1972. It’s hilarious because the dad and the uncle were looking at some Playboy Magazine and their reaction is priceless.

Photo Credit: JasonPlatz

10. The last picture shows an old and stolen photo of someone’s mom. The mom was pregnant and is at gunpoint while walking back home. This image was from the year 1969, and it’s terrifying. It only shows how scary the world is when war existed.

Photo Credit: Leo_nardo

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