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Clearly at Peace: Two Stray Cats Captured while Cuddling

An average Californian world traveler saw something that he could never imagine possible. He saw two cats cuddling, inseparable. This traveler loves cats, and he dreamed of having his own someday, but he has a fear that this will be difficult. He also said that he always wants to play with stray animals, but they are too afraid of socializing with people.

When he arrived after his travel in Turkey, he was amazed that many stray kitties are roaming around the streets, and they are too friendly. He noticed that once a kitten would run to be stoked, it is guaranteed that one would also come soon after and then another. He thought that is because of the reflection of the warm heart of the Turkish people who have cared for these animals.

While strolling on Bosphorus Canal, he noticed two cats cuddling each other. He said that he had never seen any stray cats behave like this. At first, he was hesitant if people would believe that the photos weren’t staged because the cats’ pose is incredible and sweet. But he also stated that if you have doubts, you should go for yourself because these little furry ones are waiting for you.

In connection with this, there is a study that shows some reasons why cats love to cuddle:

They cuddle for warmth

Undoubtedly, cats are craving for warmth back to their former days as kittens when their mother kept them safe, cozy and warm. Majority of the cats have the behaviors which are rooted in their previous years as kittens.

Cats snuggle for security and protection

From being kittens, cats are seeking protection and safety from their mother cats. The mother cats snuggle her babies making them secured and feel safe.

They cuddle for attention

Just like dogs and humans, cats love to cuddle to seek for care. Like all humans, they love to snuggle more than others. Cats have the same feeling that we do. They want love and attention from their parents and fellow cats. In accordance with a study, cats get lonely too. Just because they are not showy like dogs, it doesn’t mean that they are not capable of giving and receiving care that dogs and humans do.

Back to the story, based on Californian traveler the temperature on that day was chilly, so the reason may be because they were cuddling for warmth or maybe they were enjoying the view? The answer is still unclear. One thing for sure is they are clearly at peace.

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