Cool Embroidery Tattoos That Made a Brazilian Tattoo Artist Instantly Famously

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

1. Simba

The first picture shows an embroidery tattoo of Simba from the movie “The Lion King.” If you’re a big fan of this movie, you will want to have one.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

2. Stitch

The adorable stitch design of an embroidery tattoo in the second picture, fans would be amazed. This lovely cartoon character is a must have for any Disney fans.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

3. The Simpsons

Are you a massive fan of the Simpsons? Take a look at the embroidery tattoo, the details are incredible and making the artist incredibly amazing.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

4. Courage, the Cowardly Dog

One of Cartoon Network’s best cartoon character, a must have embroidery tattoo as well. You can hear his screams while his male owner shouts and scares him. Only true fans can relate!

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

5. Johnny Bravo

The most handsome cartoon character of Cartoon Network; if you feel you’re attractive enough, then this embroidery tattoo is perfect for you. Prepare to get your confidence boosted with this.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

6. Olaf

Are you a crazy fan of Frozen? Olaf is arguably the cutest character in that movie! An embroidery tattoo is probably the best idea to create a resemblance of this cute character.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

7. Goofy

One of the most successful movies of Disney, Mickey Mouse’s Goofy can brighten your day. The embroidery tattoo made it so stunningly beautiful to have.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

8. Minion + Dragonball

Minions with the hair of dragon ball characters are one of the coolest embroidery designs you’ll ever get. From a cuddly to a bold and strong personality, it’s truly a great combination.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

9. Dory of Finding Nemo

“Just keep swimming,” Dory is insanely adorable. Made as an embroidery design, don’t be scared if you’re about to become forgetful. The design of this tattoo is astonishing.

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

10. Luigi and Mario

The Mario brothers in one embroidery tattoo? What more can you ask? The fantastic duo of these two designed on your arm can genuinely empower yourself!

Photo Credit: dudalozanotattoo

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