Cute Pictures of Adopted Dogs

#1 Nero

The first picture is a lovely black dog! Can you see those adorable smiles and poses? She looks so happy with his new owner!

#2 Kenai

The second picture is another cute dog which is a Siberian husky. You can’t stop looking at the 2nd picture with his tongue sticking out!

#3 Floyd

The third picture shows a very adorable dog that can surely melt your heart. His smiles would want you to have him as your own.

#4 Jack

The fourth picture is a funny image of a dog. She looks so silly and can make you smile.

#5 Rhino

The fifth picture is a unique smiling dog. He looks so happy and adorable. I want one!

#6 Jax

This sixth picture is another cute dog. Anyone would want to have a dog like this. If I were his owner, I would always bath him!

#7 Charlie

The seventh picture is hilarious and cute as well. This dog can give a positive effect to anyone who sees this.

#8 Little Bear

The dog’s name is perfect for his appearance because he does look like a cute bear. I would be so excited to pat this dog every time.

#9 Bandit

The ninth picture looks like a big cookie and cream! He is also amazingly adorable.

#10 Lacey

This last picture is a dog with different ears! She can make me want to keep it!

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