Domestic Abusers are not welcome in Australia Anymore!

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Recently, Australia has banned anyone who committed domestic violence form any part of the world. They rejected foreign visa applicants who have been convicted of the said crime. Some of the famous people who had been banned from Australia before are the R&B singer Chris Brown and the boxing star Floyd Mayweather. Now, this ban applies to all the foreign visitors as well as the residents who have found guilty of the crime against children and women.

For those people who already have visas and currently living in Australia, there is a big possibility to be kicked out under this rule once convicted of domestic abuse. David Coleman, the Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs once said in a statement that Australia has no room for those people who committed violence against children and women whatever sentence and whenever the crime occurred.

This rule is implemented to make Australia a safer place. According to Coleman, through the cancellation of visas of criminals, they can make Australia a safer place since violence can inflict a long-lasting effect and suffering on the victims as well as their family and friends.

On the other hand, Australia’s neighboring country like New Zealand has an issue with regards to the new policy of Australia. It is because under the new law, those New Zealanders who have already paid off their sentence and reside in Australia for a long time can be kicked out and chances are to send and live in New Zealand. This case raised questions and doubts when justice has been served and the rehabilitation’s role in violence against children and women convictions.

Banning people who committed domestic violence from other countries conveys a strong message. However, it is also meaningful if this country also addresses the problem among its citizen. In accordance with Personal Safety Study which was conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 17% of Australian women and 6 % of men are victims of partner violence at the age of 15. This statistic remained stable since 2005.

This circumstance may indicate that there may be a little development, however, according to Heather Douglass, an Australian Law professor said that this might not be accurate since most people who are involved in an abusive relationship don’t have the confidence to report the crime until after they have left. Also, there is an increase in the number of people who are seeking for services against domestic violence in some areas which is considered as a good thing. For so many years, domestic violence victims were afraid to find help. Nowadays, since more calls for help are starting to rise, the shame in relevance to domestic abuse is beginning to fade.

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