Dr. Katie Bouman Accused of getting all the credit for the Black Hole Picture, her Male Colleague went to the rescue

Photo Credit: Katie Bouman

Katie Bouman, a 29-year-old scientist, was the talked about girl today for her first photo capture of a black hole. She worked with her four teams with this incredible phenomenon. I would say that anyone who could do the same thing would be pleased. Katie, who was also a soon to be an assistant professor in Caltech, posted the photo of the black hole in her Facebook. She posted photoduplicated with screenshots all over the internet which caused a lot of people to be amazed. The fact that she’s the one who posted the picture in social media; she became the “face” of the discovery of the black hole. This happening caused a lot of different emotions to people; some became happy, others we not. Some people think that the discovery was supposed to be credit more to her colleague named Andrew Chael. He was the primary developer in one of the algorithms of this fantastic discovery. Guess what? Andrew was quick to shock the critics down.

1. The pretty and delighted scientist in this photo is named Katie Bouman. She posted this picture with the caption that expresses her disbelief when she first saw the image of the black hole. It was screen grabbed by David Barahas, a fellow Indiana native, which is the one who posted it on Twitter. She congratulated for this extraordinary hard work and effort to create such fantastic discovery.

Photo Credit: Katie Bouman

2. Since we live in this judgmental world, even a great scientist faces judgments. Several people made an effort to diminish her efforts. They also created a Youtube video to create hate for the adorable scientist.

3. According to this picture, another guy wrote more codes than Katie which makes her lesser consideration. They are making a point that Katie shouldn’t have all the credit because it was a team effort.

Photo Credit:

4. Savagely, Andrew Chael, the guy who some people consider to be the one who did more work in the discovery, replied to Katie’s critics that the trolls came from pure misogyny. He even tweeted that people can’t accept the fact that the face of this discovery is female. He also said that Katie was a huge contributor to the software used to make this discovery possible. In simple words, Andrew confirmed that Katie had a lot of efforts with this and she truly deserves this all.

Photo Credit: Andrew Chael

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