Facebook Family Apps Went Down For Hours, So People Used Their Free Time to Post Hilarious Memes

A lot has panicked when they had trouble logging into their Facebook and Instagram accounts these past few days. Many may have blamed their phones or internet connection as the problem, but do not worry. It is not you, it is them. On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, users of Facebook and Instagram experienced troubles accessing their accounts or even properly using them. But early Thursday after midnight ET, it started coming back to life already for a whole lot of users. However, as expected many netizens used this time to expose their creativity in the most hilarious way, Facebook down memes.

This recent outage has become one of the lengthiest outage the Facebook app family has ever experienced for it’s over 15 years of existence. With their usual social media applications down, people have turned to their rival Twitter to post their latest pictures and daily updates. Thus, here are some of the best reactions the internet has for the recent outage but first here is Facebook’s response with regards to the issue:

Facebook down memes

Image credits: facebook

Image credits: facebook

The most hilarious reactions from the internet: 1)

Facebook down

QBrazenSports 2)

Rene_Reds 3)

AseyLou 4)

vidawithsteph 5)

Facebook down memes





Facebook down memes


So far, Facebook has not fully confirmed what caused the outages. ThousandEyes, a network intelligence company has issued a statement that the issue appears to be internal rather than a network or internet delivery issue.  ThousandEyes VP of product marketing, Alex Henthorn-Iwane has said in quote: “For example, we saw ‘500 internal server errors’ from Facebook. Given the sheer scale and continuous changes that these web scale providers are constantly making to their applications and infrastructure, sometimes things break as a result of these changes, even in the most capable hands.” Nonetheless, the issue seems to have been cleared now as the internet have its fun with the thousands of Facebook down memes that have been made because of it.

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