Fantastic Art: Famous Soda Drinks Turned into Humans?

Photo Credit: sillvi_illustrations

Ever since they were introduced, soda drinks such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Sprite, CocaCola, and Fanta has been loved by everyone. Well, who could ever such resist those colorful and tasty drinks? However, it is not also a hidden fact that these soda drinks did not just satisfy our quench but also did not fail on creating such an impact on our childhood with their unique packaging and branding. Each bottle has already established an identity but what if they become more real, or rather humanly? Can you imagine CocaCola being chic and sexy at the same time or Gatorade being as sporty and fresh as she is? Well, you do not have to guess anymore because this one man from Korea made this all possible.

The Man Behind the Soda Artworks

Sillvi is a Canadian artist born in Korea. Recently, he caught the attention of a lot of social media users from Instagram and Facebook because of his astounding and never before seen artworks. He turned these amazing bottles into awesome cartoon characters! After seeing his works, you will surely love to ask for an anime series with them!

CocaCola bottle, as an example, was reborn as a sexy, chic and classy cartoon character in red. After seeing her, undoubtedly, you will not be able but to unconsciously gulp. Gatorade, on the other hand, is comfortable walking around with his blue sweatshirt and pants. You will love the fact that she got that orange bottle cap as her hair color too. Well, Sillvi did not just create female cartoon characters. He also made several handsome boys that we could match with these beautiful girls. You should see the cartoon character version of CocaCola Zero and Dr. Pepper.

Sillvi created a total of fourteen artworks. According to him, he worked over two hours for each cartoon character. “Each of the artworks took me about two hours to complete, and since I have 14 of them, I’ve spent about 28 hours on this project. While developing my characters, I mostly focused on two elements: the aesthetics of the logo itself and the taste of the soda. I also drank a few of them before drawing their characters.”

Aside from being extra meticulous and considerate to create the perfect character that will resemble the drink, Sillvi also learned one thing which inspired him in creating these artworks. “Artistically, I’ve been experimenting with various different themes that encourage engagement on social media. I came to the conclusion that people react better to things that they are already familiar with, for example, pre-existing characters, logos, and so on. So, I’ve decided to put my own twist on famous soft drink brands to make them even more unique.”

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