Funny Scenarios of People getting injured because of Dumb Accidents

Photo Credit: rapidarray

1. The first picture shows a cute brown dog. The story starts when a random person went on an out-of-the-country vacation and stayed on a friend’s house. He was playing with his friend’s pet dog named Boo when suddenly, both of their heads collided. The dog’s teeth injured the person’s nose severely which caused it to bleed. Boo went straight out of the dog door and didn’t go out for two days. Despite what happened, they remained friends.

Photo Credit: urbanek2525

2. For every cat lovers, this is a daily struggle. We often avoid stepping or tripping over our cats, but sometimes they would unexpectedly approach us without us being aware. This person broke his foot because he tripped over his cat. Good thing the cat is beautiful.

Photo Credit: ardnoik

3. Most kids had done the same to kick a balloon. Sometimes, we couldn’t get the perfect angle and accidentally kick the floor, causing us to break our foot. What a dumb accident.

Photo Credit: lurklurklurkPOST

4. Human’s reflexes are incredible, but for some instance, it’s not right. One great example is this picture. We must always remember that you must not catch a knife using any body part.

Photo Credit: rapidarray

5. Blankets shouldn’t always be on the floor; it can cause serious injuries. Tripping over a sheet can cause a fracture so beware!

Photo Credit: bonfire_bug

6. Never leave your younger siblings alone with small toys or else, this might happen. Imagine how hard it is to get bell metal turtle off inside the throat.

Photo Credit: Daniela Aravena

7. Accidents can happen when you encounter a toothpick pointed on the floor. This person luckily dodged the toothpick, but unfortunately, he twisted his ankle on the crash to the floor.

Photo Credit: wonderberry77

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