Funny Tweets That Shows All About Marriage

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1. Every married couple can relate to this. When the football game is so intense, the wife will wonder why her husband didn’t sign up as a football coach.

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2. If your husband questioned what you’re wearing, you’d immediately need to change up; it’s remarkably on point. Better wear a sweater now.

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3. Wives search better than their husbands. They have an incredible ability to finding their husband’s things even though their partner had exerted all their effort in looking for it.

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4. Husbands are honestly messier; sometimes it’s uncontrollable. The perfect time to make a mess would always be after vacuuming.

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5. Anyone can fall asleep while watching a movie, even if it’s excellent or not. It is what we call a happy relationship.

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6. It is one example of men will always be men, even with their body parts. It’s not that they don’t notice it, but it’s mainly more noticeable to them.

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7. It is so funny; we can’t deny that most wives can’t figure out where to eat. Husbands would be able to mention all possible choices, but they will still end up in McDonald’s.

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8. What’s more surprising is they can answer it. The preparation of these husbands is absurd if you’ll come to think about it.

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9. Decisions are critical in marriage, and when you’re already at the peak of it, it would be amazing. It is why you both promised to be together for better or for worst.

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10. The most important thing in marriage is love because it’s the main reason why you both agreed to be married. It will always come the time that you will both endure everything just to keep the marriage together. That’s marriage and love ladies and gentlemen.

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