Game of Thrones Made the Nerdiest Scavenger Hunt in History – They Hid 6 Iron Thrones and 2 Are Still Unfound

If you think Game of Thrones doesn’t need any more publicity, you are wrong. Leading to the next and final season of their highly acclaimed and world’s biggest TV series, it seems like they just did the best publicity stunt they have ever done. HBO hid 6 iron thrones all over the world for diehard and casual fans to find in this nerdiest scavenger hunt in what seems like the history of scavenger hunts.

Photo Credit: GameOfThrones

HBO may not need any more publicity stunts like this considering that their TV show is already the most talked about series in like forever but they did so anyway. And it is a large hit to us, the viewers and fans! 4 iron thrones have already been found but 2 are still strangely missing that drives their entire fan base crazy and eager to find it for themselves.

Throne of the forest, United Kingdom

Throne of Valyria, Brazil

Throne of joy, Spain

Throne of the North, Sweden

Throne of ice, unknown

There’s also a mystery throne that will be revealed once someone finds the “Throne of ice”

If there is something that really grinds our gears, it is not being able to search for something we are supposed to find already. That is why this recent plot of HBO has been a huge success to the fans and casuals alike, it has also generated more than enough buzz for the premiere of their last season coming this April of 2019. The concept proved to be extremely effective, the scattering of 6 iron thrones all over the world, offering intriguing clues every hour by 360 degree videos of their locations, all this made the fans crazy to find them all. And now, we are just down to 2. They have also shared countless of pictures with these found iron thrones to get on with the craze. Here are some of them:

Photo Credit: HBOnordic
Photo Credit: skyatlantic
Photo Credit: skyatlantic
Photo Credit: bekkyforbrekky
Photo Credit: HBO_Brasil

This whole scavenger hunt promotional plot by Game of Thrones served to be great fun and challenge for everyone. With only 2 thrones remaining, we can only assume where they really are. The fifth one looks like it is based on an icy field, I’m guessing somewhere in Iceland but it can be anywhere. But what do you think? Maybe you are the one capable of finding them all, so what are you waiting for? Get on with the current craze and profess your love to the series by seating yourself down in the Iron Throne.

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