Going Green: An Asian Supermarket Pursues Using Leaves Instead of Plastic

In today’s modern society, reducing plastic consumption, and educating the people about the environmental issues should be our top priority. Even though we are considering the fact that the recycling process while continuing using plastic will be the number one solution for our problems, but it is the opposite. According to a report, 254 million tons of garbage in 2013 was made in the United States, and only 30 percent was recycled. With that being said, the rest of the trash was stayed in the landfill and will remain there for 1000 years producing poisonous gas, contributing to the pollution in the earth, killing many innocent living creatures. It is essential to open every people’s eye to be known that using plastic in just a minute will spend thousands of years before it will decompose.

Using leaves to pack vegetables can create a positive change

China has concentrated on recycling their garbage and has stopped importing trash from other countries. Before, it is being said that 30 percent of the world’s trash would end up in China which causes big thinking that Asian countries have the most significant contribution in creating waste in the world. Currently, Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand are on the process of looking for alternative ways on how to avoid using plastic at all. Avoiding plastic became a concept for new business ideas. One of those ideas is using an eco-friendly method of packing their goods.

Rimping supermarket is using a creative way to reduce using plastic. This innovative way was captured and noticed by one of Perfect Homes Chiangmai’s team members. They saw a vegetable wrapped in banana leaves. The one who captured the photos thought that he would take pictures and post to the page and that’s it.  Little did they know, that this idea would be loved and shared by the people around the world.  Having 3.5 million views and more than 17 thousand shares, these photos became a tool on encouraging other supermarkets to apply this idea.

On the other hand, some people noticed that not everything on the said supermarket’s shelves is plastic-free, which makes the supermarket to react that they are taking one step at a time and it is not that easy to make this in just one snap. They also said that many companies are using plastic in packaging their product since it is the easiest and cheapest option to use.

Shoppers also have a part in implementing this awareness. It is up to them to show the market which they prefer to use. If every shopper would prefer to use banana leaves, then manufacturers will stop using plastic in stocking their items which can also drive other better and more excellent ideas.  More than ever, today is the best time for people to understand the state of the planet. People from all around the world should be responsible for helping the earth by using zero-waste ideas that you can use in your daily life.

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