Guy Played Living Life in Deluxe Prank on Instagram Then This Happened

Photo Credit: tbhbyron

In this age of social media, everybody knows that not all that you see are real. Break this rule or find yourself being misled into the darkness.

London-based vlogger Byron Denton pulled a great prank on social media platform, Instagram. He surprised his followers after revealing on a video that he tricked them by faking living a luxurious life. Byron began posting these photos on Instagram which gave him an image of a super rich guy without having the actual wealth. He stated that he wanted to produce a social media experiment on how easy it is to fool people and what are the reactions he could get.

With the proper skills in photo editing, he successfully convinced his followers the way he planned to. Here are some of the photos used to pull this feat:

Photo Credit: tbhbyron

He told Insider that this prank was inspired by fellow YouTuber George Mason who had faked going on a vacation. He also added, “I saw a lot of people faking holidays and stuff, but I thought It would be cool to take a different approach.” This photo of Byron chilling in a private jet had received a thousand likes in just a few seconds after posting.

Photo Credit: tbhbyron

Known as tbhbyron in YouTube, he did not settle to just unusual experiences but also with how rich people dress. He said, “I’d always wondered if the reason people are so obsessed with celebrities was due to the fact they can afford to live a life not everyone can.”

Photo Credit: tbhbyron

In his YouTube video, he said, “I did this to try and compare whether wearing designer items would encourage people to like your photos or not, so if we go back to a photo I posted on 1 December, wearing a semi-cute outfit, kinda basic but still kinda cute.” And, yes! He did pulling 10,000 more likes from people.

Photo Credit: tbhbyron

It is undeniable that these edited photos look pretty convincing and Byron exclaimed that most people bought it. In his interview, he said he got five messages questioning the new influencer life. Even his own family was shocked. They didn’t know that he suddenly get rich and afford to have a luxurious life. He said that he received a lot of messages asking how he was affording all the designer stuff. He said that they also asked him if he had won a lottery.

Photo Credit: tbhbyron

So, is it troubling how he did these? Byron explained that it’s the ability and the will to use these photo-editing apps: FaceTune, PicsArt, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The whole experiment just taught us a lesson in dealing with social media, “It made me question everyone’s moves on social media,” Byron said.

Photo Credit: byron

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