Hilarious and Completely Relatable Computer Comics

Photo Credit: System32Comics

1. Lose Weight

Photo Credit: System32Comics

The first picture shows the Flash Drive telling a Floppy Disk to lose some weight. The Diskette then trained and came back as a Memory Card. It is one example of a small but terrible object!

2. Asking Questions in the Internet

Photo Credit: System32Comics

It is an actual representation of the internet. It can sometimes be correct with the results, but it can also provide out-of-this-world answers that can make you confused.

3. Downloading Unknown Programs

Photo Credit: System32Comics

If you are fond of downloading different programs, you can relate to this. It could most of the time be a virus if it’s from an unknown source. This comic is hilarious!

4. Computer Not Responding

Photo Credit: System32Comics

It happens to all of us all the time, especially when we open a lot of programs at the same time. We would want to close a plan, but our computer would ultimately be unresponsive; it’s an entirely perfect and annoying experience.  

5. Morning Coffee Indeed

Photo Credit: System32Comics

Dota 2 players can relate. When you are so excited to play, updates will always come on your way. You’ll have no choice but to wait for the update to n be finished. Morning coffee is really.

6. Debugging Experience

Photo Credit: System32Comics

Every programmer can relate to this. We really can’t understand why debugging is very hard. Anyways, it’s part of the challenging task of every software developer.

7. Installing from an Expert

Photo Credit: System32Comics

We always experience the necessary and expert installation. As much as we want to have specialist installation as free, there will always be a payment for it.

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