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His Much-Loved Pet Rat Gets Stolen So This Homeless Asks People for Help

Lucy is the adorable pet rat of a 59-year old homeless man named Chris. He happily chats to passerby and allows them to play with Lucy. Alyson, who is currently living in Sydney, Australia, sees Chris sitting on the same spot each day. She observes that Chris’ pet rat never leaves his side. It chomps on its snacks and entertains strangers.

Unfortunately, this homeless man named Chris had his much-loved pet rat stolen

A couple of days ago, Alyson noticed that Chris is alone—without his pet rat. He seems to be inconsolable and anxious. Alyson then decided to check on him, and she caught sight of his sign telling the passerby that he has lost his dearest pet rat. Lucy was stolen.

Chris says that Lucy might have been taken from outside Footlocker on Pitt Street while he was in the bathroom. Alyson was totally puzzled when she heard the news and called what happened to this homeless man ‘a low act.’

Many people were dismayed to what happened to Chris and his pet rat. Alyson’s Facebook post detailing the incident quickly went viral and gained 16K shares just a few days after it was published.

Commenters expressed how completely disgusted they are in the absence of humanity of the person responsible for stealing the rat. Others tried to help by sharing photos in hopes that someone might recognize Lucy, and eventually find her in the soundest condition.

Meanwhile, Chris already seeks the help of the police. They checked the CCTV to identify the suspect, but no new information was given to him. He was left worried thinking if he’ll be able to get his friend back again.

For years, Chris and Lucy have been locally known to Sydney’s people. Their duo cheered every passerby up and became friends with them.

After this news broke in, people started to share their close encounters with the pair, still in the hopes that Lucy will eventually be found.

Here’s what people said on social media:

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