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Man Recovering From Surgery Suddenly Cuddled by Random Cat

Photo Credit: Andrew Falloon

We all know how cuddly cats are; they would automatically go near you to cuddle. Most of the time, they would only go near people that they know; it’s a rare incident if cats cuddle with stranger to them. Andrew Falloon, a member of Parliament for Rangitata from New Zealand, tweeted a cute photo of his dad sleeping while snuggled up with a little cat. What made this photo more attractive is they don’t own the lovely cat.

Mr. Falloon Sr. came from the hospital after surgery. He immediately took a nap then when he woke up; he mysteriously saw a small creature cuddling by his neck. It seems this little cat went in through the open door of the house. The cat may be decided to provide some love to the recovering patient. It’s so adorable if you’ll look at the picture.

Andrew didn’t expect his tweet to trend. He thinks that it might just make a few people smile but what happened was better. No one from them expected it to reach a lot of views. It started from a thousand when he went to bed then it exploded to millions when he woke up. Currently, it already has ten million plus views which are amazing.

People were adored by this picture when it posted in social media. A Twitter user named Elizabeth made a keen observation of the post that people reacted to; Mr. Fallon Sr. was holding the hand of the little guy.

Photo Credit: Eeebs1

For those asking, the name of the cat is Ziggy. And yes, they didn’t keep the cat it just hanged out a bit then wandered out after a few moments. It’s quite sad, but Ziggy is expected to wander again to their house anytime.

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