Most Hilarious Boss Memes

Photo Credit: boredpanda

1. A post about Capitalism: an employer’s boss arrived at their office with a brand-new Lamborghini. The employer said to his boss: Wow Boss, that’s a fantastic car! His Boss savagely replied, “If you keep working, I’ll get another one next year.” It is wholly, and sadly it’s what’s going to happen.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

2. There will be times that we’ll want to leave for work. We would sometimes say that we’re ill to make it a completely valid reason. This man was asked by his boss to send him a picture of proof that he’s on the hospital. He posted a photo with a headphone on his nose to make it look like he is; genius!

Photo Credit: boredpanda

3. This picture shows two construction workers with the caption that means you want to be with your co-worker; you convince your boss that it’s a two person job. Another genius, ladies and gentlemen.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

4. When you’re doing nothing then your boss suddenly comes, you’ll do something to make yourself look busy. It’s hilarious because of it right!

Photo Credit: Danielle.Zyia.MakeLifeHappen

5. A truly honest meme for some employers, you will feel that you don’t want to be in your current job. You’ll hate everything about your company suddenly. This meme is extremely accurate.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

6. Another funny meme is saying that his boss told him to have a great day, so he went home. I will honestly do the same thing!

Photo Credit: boredpanda

7. When you’re excited to go home from work then suddenly, your boss said: “Before you go…” You would just be annoyed and have no choice but to listen.

Photo Credit: ViralBuzzMagazine

8. Another nice meme, bosses will make you immortal that even you’re not capable of working; you’ll still be asked to go. No offense but it’s true but not to all bosses.

Photo Credit: Dekh.To.Bhai

9. One of the hilarious memes, it doesn’t matter how much you hate your boss if he cracks a joke, but you need a salary increase; you will surely laugh your heart out!

Photo Credit: boredpanda

10. When it’s time to go home from work, nothing can surely stop you, even your boss! Add this to one of the funniest, please!

Photo Credit: boredpanda

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