Mother and Daughter Transitioning Together to the Opposite Sides of Sexuality

Corey Maison from New Baltimore, Michigan is a gorgeous, young woman. Aside from attending her high school, she also works as a part-time model. Perhaps her name wouldn’t sound familiar to you at first, but once you’ve Google her name, you would instantly know why she’s a trending figure right now. However, there’s more to her story that would leave you gasping in amazement. Who would have thought that a mother and daughter transition to their opposite sex is possible?

At the age of 16, Corey Maison is the epitome of a beautiful transwoman. Since she was little, she had always known she was trapped inside a wrong body. At eleven, she told the truth to her friends and experienced her first rejection. However, it took Corey Maison another three years to come out to her parents. Rejection and disapproval made her feel terrified and scared.

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At fourteen, Corey finally gained the guts, to tell the truth about her identity. Thanks to transgender activist Jazz Jennings who served as her inspiration. Expecting disapproval, Corey was stunned and relieved when her parents had accepted her revelation. As if it’s the natural thing in the world. She found it hard to believe that she had feared the worst.

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Although her father Les Maison had no objection about her decision, it was her mother Erica who made her feel really welcome in this world. Erica had even introduced her to psychological experts to ensure she will have a smooth transition. On her birthday, Erica gave her the most beautiful gift she had ever received in her life –her first estrogen hormone replacement therapy!

Another Shocking Revelation

Of course, a mother’s love for her kids will always be unconditional. However, the Maison family discovered after a few years the real reason why Erica had been extra supportive of her transgender daughter. Who would have thought she had been experiencing gender dysphoria as well?

Mother and daughter transition

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Although Erica tried so hard to hide her identity, a time came when she felt that she had no choice but to admit to her husband that she was not happy being a woman. She hated to wear dresses, she even dreaded the thought of being pregnant. She even wished to have breast cancers so she could undergo mammoplasty.

Mother and daughter transition

After the shocking revelation, the head of the family, Les Maison, didn’t find a reason to get angry. Erica’s beautiful transformation even felt as a blessing for him. Along with her daughter Corey, Les and the rest of the family were happy to see the two being able to laugh genuinely.

Mother and daughter transition

Because of their decision, they became an inspiration to many people.
From the local newspaper in Michigan to National Geographic Magazine. By how the mother and daughter decided to move into opposite directions. Their dreams had intensified the raging battle of gender revolution. Still, there are people who are vehemently against their journey to self-freedom. Fortunately, there’s a massive part of the society that had expressed their support to the mother and daughter transition tandem.

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