Nurse Adopts this Premature Baby Who Had No Visitors for Five Months during Her Hospital Stay

There are about 690,000 children in foster care in 2017, and less than 60,000 out of those were adopted based on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau. Every year, thousands of children are having a hard time finding a family and a stable home after entering the foster care system. And every one of them has their own stories that they sometimes couldn’t even tell themselves.

A little angel named Gisele; was born 29 weeks to drug-addicted parents. Fortunately, the nurse who cared for her has a big heart and adopted her.

Gisele was born prematurely and was diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome two years ago. Her condition was the result of being exposed to opiates while she was in her mom’s tummy. Her situation could have sent her in the foster care system like the other kids. Luckily, Gisele met Nurse Liz Smith who decided to become her mother.

Having 13 nephews and nieces was not enough for Liz; being a mother and having a child of her own was her dream. However, she had to give up trying to get pregnant after unsuccessful attempts and fertility treatments.

Liz was reluctant to the idea of adoption before, though many friends and relatives encouraged her. But meeting a lovely blue-eyed baby at the Franciscan’s Children’s Hospital she worked at changed her mind almost instantly.

For some reason, Liz felt a strong connection with Gisele. She knew that she needed to step in and take care of the little one when she discovered that no one visited her for the past five months. Liz would visit Gisele every day, after a long day a work, and help her recover.

The hospital provided the best care to their availability but Liz, knew that this angel needs more than that to recover. A loving parent and a stable home that Liz was ready to provide were essential to her recovery.

Liz and 2-year-old Gisele became one happy family in October 2018, after more than a year of foster care. The Kindhearted nurse now encourages other people to consider the path she took to become a parent and advocates for adoption.

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