Painting of a Doubtful Mother Creates a Huge Chain Reaction Online, and It’s Now Never Ending

Some people really do not have enough confidence that they tend to doubt their work. These often happen with artists. They tend to get lost and confuse between self-doubt and creativity. Thus, some artist needs an extra push, and that’s what this kid did.

The Reddit user named Gaddafo shared a photo of his mother’s work in this social media platform and added a caption that sparked interests from a lot of social media users. “My mom painted this and said no one would like it. It’s her 2nd painting,”

The Start of the Never Ending Painting Chain

The moment it was uploaded, another Reddit user with the name Cacahahadoodoo challenged the other users to take the painting to another level. He painted the photo of the kid holding his mom’s picture and there, the endless chain started. Artists all over the world shared their very own versions of the painting. Even amateur and non-artists also tried to continue the chain with their very own kind of art.

Photo Credit: Vincent Law

Lillyofthenight stepped the painting up by painting the guy who held the portrait of the boy who held his mother’s art and these never-ending chain continues as many became more inspired to cheer the kiddo’s mom up. As of today, no one still really knows when the chain will end. The painting has now more than fifty versions and thus, to make clear things up, another Redditor kindly made a chart to see how did the chain continue to flow.

After seeing this bunch of reactions about her painting, Cindi Decker, Gaddafo’s mother finally expressed how overwhelmed she was. “Even though people say, ‘You inspired me to paint,’ I don’t know that it was so much me. I really give credit to the first artist who painted. You know, I’m not a painter. I’m just somebody who went out and did a little painting thing, so I got lucky to get caught up in all this fun craziness.”

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