Photos of New Faces Create By Merging Different Celebrities

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

1. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

If you’ll look closely, Brad Pitt’s face is more dominant in this photo that Leonardo Dicaprio’s face; overall, still a famous actor in the making.

2. Billie Eilish and Cara Delevingne

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

If you’re a fan of Cara, you would high recognize her immediately once you look at this picture. If this would be a real person, she would still be attractive.

3. Kristen Stewart and Megan Fox

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

Probably a front-runner for the best combination; still, it looks like generally the face of Kristen with Megan’s hair. She will make a great actress if she’s a real person.

4. Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

Momoa’s face is more dominant than Chris’ face. Anyways, both actors are already perfect; they both don’t need merging.

5. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

A quite funny merging of faces, many people can say it’s a perfect match! A bearded lady could always be something to laugh. No offense, though.

6. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

The face of four Chris in one image! You can call him Mega Chris or Hyper Chris or whatever you feel.

7. Dua Lipa and Gal Gadot

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

This one is my favorite because two beautiful and famous ladies combined in one face. She will be a celebrity sweetheart if she exists!

8. Chris Pratt and Michael Fassbender

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

You cannot deny that you see Chris’ face more; still, a great face merging if you’ll ask me. For fans of Chris and Michael, you would love this!

9. Nina Dobrev and Megan Fox

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

Megan’s face must be famous though; this is her second time for her face to be merged. We can safely say that Megan’s face is blendable to anyone.

10. Natalie Portman and Millie Bobby Brown

Photo Credit: Morphy_me

Such a beautiful look; their face blended to perfection! It can also just be a younger version of Natalie.

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