Photos of Two Bees Sleeping and Cuddling in a Flower

Bees are the world’s most essential and cutest pollinator of crops. It estimates that bees pollinate one-third of the food that people consume every day. It only shows how busy is the job of a bee, and they also deserve some rest. Recently, Joe Neely, a wildlife photographer took a photo of two bees taking a beauty rest together in flower. Its shot visualized how beautiful nature is and how rare it happens.

This first picture shows the image of the great photographer named, Joe Neely. The story for this rare incident is when he and her fiancée Niccole went out to find poppy flowers. On their way back, they saw a beautiful patch of flowers along the highway and decided to stop for some photos.

Niccole was taking pictures and saw an orange Globe Mallow plant hidden between inside all these pink flowers when suddenly she heard bees buzzing. She then went to look for the bees and found them in this orange plant, and they were not moving.

She won’t on and took a closer look at it. All the vacant flowers got occupied, and one bee was left. The bee then flew over to the open orange flower and lay inside it with the other one. They look so cute I started to think they are a couple.

Honestly, we are all not aware that bees sleep on flowers. The bees that Niccole found are a mallow bee; they collect pollen from their favorite food plant which is called the Globe Mallow. These two globe mallow bees cuddling together in flower made the perfect composition. Joe was amazed, and this became his winning shot for the day for himself. He used a Nikon d750 with a 150mm macro lens together with an R1C1 Nikon macro flash. He said that he would approach bee photograph the same approach to other kinds of wildlife photo taking.

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