Pictures of a Brave Young Little Girl brushing the Teeth of a Crocodile

Photo Credit: News Flare

1. An image of a young girl and the crocodile sharing a bath in a small bath container.

First of all, why did this picture exist in the first place? Where are the parents of this innocent child? As you can see in the image, the young girl is insanely brushing the teeth of the crocodile which surrounds her.

2. Another angle of a picture of the girl brushing the teeth of the crocodile.

As you see in this image, the girl is already holding the neck-part if the crocodile. She is so fearless if you tell me! The funny part is, the crocodile seems to be enjoying it.

3. This picture shows the young girl put more toothpaste on the toothbrush so she can continue what she started.

She puts down the crocodile and adds more toothpaste then continued brushing the teeth of the crocodile. Hilarious!

4. As the girl continues to treat the crocodile as a pet, she managed to drop his head in the water two times; the crocodile doesn’t seem to care.

It’s hilarious that these two already had a friendly relationship. The funnier thing is, the crocodile doesn’t mind even if it was splashed many times back to the water.

5. The girl puts the finishing touches of brush on the crocodile’s teeth.

This young child is believed to be from Tangerang City. It’s extremely dangerous but also adorable. We could only ask if this video ended well for the girl and the crocodile. Also, we can safely say based on this video that not all crocodiles are harmful

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