Pictures of an Incident of a Mom finding out that her Son shaved his own and Siblings hair using an Electric Razor

Most of the time, innocent children make the funniest accidents that can make their parents bursting into laughter. Young children are always clueless about many things that can either lead to crashes and strange creatures. Nurse Stephanie Plucknette from the US shared a video on Instagram about a hilarious accident of her three children.

1. The first picture shows a beautiful family picture of Stephanie. You can see how adorable her kids are! They seem to be a pleased family.

2. The second picture shows a funny view of her two children whose hair has poorly been applied by a razor. Stephanie found out that her two kids had been experimenting with it while getting ready for work.

3. The third, fourth and fifth picture shows a closer look at what resulted in the experimentation using a razor of the two kids. It turns out that the eldest son named Teddy was the one who found the razor. This adorable kid plugged the razor in then played barber along with his two younger siblings. This unfortunate incident left Stephanie laughing in tears. If you’ll check these pictures, it left bald spots on the kids. Teddy has the most

4. Stephanie even asked one of her daughters if she wants a new haircut. Her daughter immediately replied “No.” Hilarious!

5. She would her daughter why did they let their brother do this to them. Teddy proudly replied that she liked it a lot and wanted to show her. They’re so cute and adorable!

6. This last picture shows Stephanie’s two children with a bald haircut. She would need to explain to them that their hair will grow back. These two have been enjoying their bald head for quite some time.

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