Pictures of Kid’s Drawings of their Dream Bedrooms and what it looks like in Real Life

Photo Credit: Angie’s List

1. The picture shows a drawing of a seven-year-old kid named Elias. He created a forest room which made of plants and trees. It also has a small pond with fishes and an oak tree with squirrels. The bed shaped like a leaf and a pillow with a tiger design. It also has a television hanging from the room’s roof, a computer, and an excellent log desk. The other picture shows how the place looked like in real life. It creates a nature lover’s dream of a bedroom which is visible comfortable.

2. The picture shows the illustration of the nine-year-old kid from Ukraine named Viola. She drawn an elegant design of a bedroom with a spice of nature and even included a rainbow to complete its colorful output. The other picture shows how this wonderful room would look. It’s full of colors which makes it perfect for any sweet child.

3. Five-year-old Inaya from Pakistan made a drawing of a bedroom with a playground. We all know that it’s every child’s dream to have their play park inside their room. This fourth picture seems plain, but Inaya made it unique because she wants her walls to be made up of puzzles and her floors full of grasses. It shows that she loves the outdoor experience as a kid. The fifth picture depicts the real beautiful image of Inaya’s drawing. It has a slide, swing, a tent, and even a comfortable bed to sleep.

Martin’s drawing is so special and extra-ordinary as displayed. This six-year-old kid from Spain created a drawing of a room which has a 5-story bed that looks like a skyscraper. He designed his drawing like this because he wants his friends to come and sleep over together with him. Of course, you would think about how anyone will climb this large bed. Martin designed it with stairs and a very cool spiral slide so it would be convenient to climb and go down. There’s a soft mat at the end of the slide for a comfortable landing. He also drew his bedroom with a large window, a big cinema screen, a door going to the bathroom, a candy machine, a closet full of Lego, fishes with an aquarium in the table and a plant. Everything was made to come to life in the next picture.

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